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Dear Prime Time Player,

Thanks for writing for me! First things first, I always write waaaaay too much for these letters, so, please don't get freaked out. I'll be happy with anything featuring the character/relationship we matched on, you don't have to use my suggestions or details, they're just here for suggestions.

General likes: I love banter, sarcasm, dark humor, humor of all kinds really, friends who mock and tease and generally pick fights with each other for fun, friends having actual real conflict but still being friends and working through it, world building, AUs of all kinds, case fic (whatever that means for the fandom in question -- away mission, solving a mystery, dealing with a weird magical occurrence, etc), and ensembles/cameos by supporting characters.

General dislikes: Please no humiliation. Also, I'm not looking for porn (though I think most of my prompts are gen, anyway).

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Hello, dear Yuletide writer! I'm so happy that you are going to be writing me a fic for one of my fandoms. I have some of my likes/dislikes below and some more thoughts about each canon and possible prompts, but if you already have an idea you want to write do not fear, I will be happy to read anything with these characters! Seriously, I always write way too much detail in these things, don't let it overwhelm you or think that you HAVE to write a certain thing, mostly I write so much because I want you to have lots of options and feel very free.

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Title: Just Like Heaven
Fandom: Doctor Who
Music: The Cure
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Donna
Summary: "I promise you, I promise that/I'll run away with you"
Vidder's Note: made for purple_dolphin for the AO3 vidder's exchange, 2012.

DL and streaming are available at the AO3 or behind the cut )
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Title: OMG
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Music: Ida Maria
Characters: Claudia-centric gen
Summary: Claudia Donavon, your file shows nine separate incident reports//I actually thought it would be more.
Vidder's Note: Made for [ profile] sol_se for Festivids 2011.

DL and streaming are behind the cut )


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