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Dear Star Trek Friend,

Thanks for writing me a story! And thanks waiting on this letter, I know it's a little late. If you have a great idea already for a story, go for it! If not, I have some thoughts about the friendships I requested and some prompt ideas, but feel free to adapt them or ignore them as necessary. I always write way too much for these letters.

Damar & Elim Garak & Kira Nerys

I really want to see more season 7 Cardassian Resistance era fics with these three. I love the scenes that we got in canon of them hanging out in Mila's basement, so a missing scene along those lines would be wonderful, or if you felt ambitious a bigger plottier story of them fighting the Dominion. I don't need a fix-it with Damar living, but if you wanted to do that and explore what the rebuilding of Cardassia looks like with him around, I'd be down. If you felt REALLY ambitious I'd love to see a story that addresses the elephant in the room -- Garak and Kira both loved Ziyal and Damar is the one who killed her, how do they all handle living and working together with that between them?

I think the main thing for this prompt is that I don't expect these characters to get along perfectly. I want a story where they understand each other and work together despite their troubled histories and personalities, and where they are surprised by finding genuine moments of affection or appreciation for each other.

Julian Bashir & Jake Sisko

Okay, I admit, I don't have any specific prompts for this friendship, it's sort of a wild card request. But I love, love, love Nor the Battle to the Strong, it's probably in my top ten episodes, and I like seeing unusual combinations of characters interact. Like, the appeal of this request is that there isn't a lot of canon set up for how or why they'd be interacting, but that also means I don't know how to prompt you XD

But! I think part of my interest is this idea that because we don't see them interact a lot in canon, and because Julian and Ben don't have the super close relationship that Ben has with some of his other officers, and because Julian's not that old, there's more of a chance for Jake to form a friendship with Julian that doesn't start from a place of "you're my dad's friend". Like Julian might try to set himself up as a friend to Jake, or Jake might go to Julian for advice about something that he feels like he can't talk to his dad or Jadzia or Kira about, because Julian is closer to being a peer than any of the others are. Jake could use an older brother more than an uncle.

If you feel like writing something comedic, I think Jake going to Julian for interpersonal/romantic/roommate advice (and Julian being terrible at it b/c let's be real Julian is terrible at life) would be hilarious. If you feel like writing something more serious or contemplative, really, I cannot overstate how much I love Nor the Battle to the Strong, so maybe they're in a battle or an epidemic and have to work through it.

Kira Nerys & Jake Sisko

POST SERIES FIC ON THE STATION, PLEASE. What happens after the camera pulls away from the two of them in the window?

This one is a flip of my last request, I totally want to see these two forging an adult friendship because Ben and Kira had such an interesting working and friend relationship. In his absence, with Kira adjusting to her new position and Jake growing into adulthood, what kind of relationship do they forge with each other? Is it awkward at first? Does Jake try too hard to be like his father? Does Kira go to the O'Brien's for advice (only to be told "this is nothing at all like parenting a toddler, seriously, do not try to treat him like you treat Kirayoshi, SERIOUSLY NERYS")?

If you want specific prompts, maybe Jake talks Kira into a holosuite adventure with him to take her mind off the stress of running the station. Maybe Kira ends up getting unexpectedly good advice from Jake on dealing with an annoying diplomatic problem, because hanging out in bars eavesdropping on people teaches you a lot about the human sentient condition. Or, just, literally anything with the two of them hanging out at Quark's. They drive Quark crazy. They know they drive Quark crazy. They pretend they don't know they drive Quark crazy and they ignore him when he tries to give them "subtle" "hints" that it's time to make space at the bar for paying customers.

Jadzia Dax & Benjamin Sisko

I find it really interesting how in some ways Ben is more senior, being older and the superior officer and the head of a household; and then on the other hand Jadzia is a lot older than Ben and more experienced and remembers when Ben was the fresh-faced new officer. I love that they're both the mentor sometimes and both the protege other times -- that they both get to be the screw up and the one who tells the other one they're being a screw up.

I find Trills generally fascinating, so if you wanted to include Curzon or Ezri or general Trill existence that would be great! Ben probably thinks about Curzon a lot, especially early on before he knew Jadzia as well, and I love seeing fics that explore what her past lives mean to Jadzia and how she experiences them.

Both Ben and Jadzia have such a wonderful love of exploration and a wicked sense of humor (even if Ben's is buried a little deeper) that I'd really love to see them going on an adventure of getting up to some trouble. If you felt up to it I'd love something that showed us scenes of their relationship over time, early to mid to late series -- flashbacks or a five things fic or something would be delightful! But really, anything you come up with will be wonderful. You don't have to reference Jadzia's death but you also don't have to avoid mentioning it, either -- I'm not afraid of sad fic.

Kira Nerys & Benjamin Sisko

I love Kira's character arc on this show, and I feel like there's a lot of ways you can take this friendship depending on when it's set. Early series with Kira kind of distrustful and angry? Mid series with Kira still working through the Emissary aspect of their working relationship? Late series when they're dealing with the war? All good stuff! Honestly I'd even love to see post-series fic, Ben coming back from the Prophets to a station that Kira's in charge of, that would be FASCINATING.

Specific other things I love with these two: I love Kira's goofy smile when she puts on the baseball cap Sisko gave her. I love Sisko-as-chef, and I think he would definitely be trying to feed Kira nice homemade meals, like, all the time. I love that they both have a strong tie to Bajor, maybe they go to explore some Bajoran shrine or archaeological site and are total geeks about it (and Jake gets dragged along)? If you want to tackle Kira & Jake and Kira & Ben in the same story I'd be down for that too! Also, just, I'm a basic woman of basic tastes. Shore leave, away mission gone awry, holosuite hijinks, any of the basic Star Trek plots are A++++.

William Riker & Tasha Yar

I wondered if it was too weird to request all DS9 and then throw in one request from TNG and then I figured, meh, follow your heart, so I did it anyway.

This request probably lends itself to a lighter story, like, I would love to read THE ADVENTURES OF RIKER AND YAR, EPIC BROS. Do they get up to trouble on shore leave? Do they prank Worf? Do they have a comedy of errors on an away mission to weird-planet-of-the-week? Does Riker encourage Yar to hit on the princess of the weird-planet-of-the-week? I think there's a lot of potential for fun here, with Riker bringing out a goofier side to Yar's recklessness.

But I think there's a lot of potential for a deeper or more serious story. I mean, really any time Tasha is involved, there's potential for a lot of subtext and tragedy, and we know that Riker is impacted by Tasha's death. Not that you have to kill Tasha! Literally I am thrilled for Tasha-never-died fic, or Tasha-comes-back fic, or AUs of all kinds. But I am not afraid of sad fics that are trying to make me weep, or bittersweet fics where the text of the fic is happy but WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT and that just makes it sadder.


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