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Dear Prime Time Player,

Thanks for writing for me! First things first, I always write waaaaay too much for these letters, so, please don't get freaked out. I'll be happy with anything featuring the character/relationship we matched on, you don't have to use my suggestions or details, they're just here for suggestions.

General likes: I love banter, sarcasm, dark humor, humor of all kinds really, friends who mock and tease and generally pick fights with each other for fun, friends having actual real conflict but still being friends and working through it, world building, AUs of all kinds, case fic (whatever that means for the fandom in question -- away mission, solving a mystery, dealing with a weird magical occurrence, etc), and ensembles/cameos by supporting characters.

General dislikes: Please no humiliation. Also, I'm not looking for porn (though I think most of my prompts are gen, anyway).

Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater
Declan Lynch & Ronan Lynch
Mr. Gray | Dean Allen & Blue Sargent
Ronan Lynch & Adam Parrish & Orphan Girl | Opal
Ronan Lynch & Blue Sargent

I'd love something set post-Raven King. I love all of the characters and relationships in this series, so it was hard to narrow it down to these, so if you want to include other characters and relationship in addition to the one we matched on, that's cool. I love the magic in these books, and I love the real knotty emotions everyone goes through over their saga and I love how these books have very human and very funny moments even in the midst of serious scenes, so anything that explored that would be great!

Declan & Ronan: I'm a sucker for sibling relationships, and for rocky relationships where the people involved clearly care about each other but have real roadblocks to expressing that love. I'd love something set post-canon (or post-canon with flashbacks) about the brothers trying to have a functional relationship, whatever that ends up looking like for them. (I will say I think Niall Lynch is a complete and utter bastard, but I also think Ronan will never see it that way and Declan will probably always love him even though he *does* see it that way, so if you like Niall feel free to just...steer clear of mentioning him.)

Mr. Gray & Blue: I love how these two meet and just immediately recognize each other as "yup, this is one of my people", even though, you know, he's a hitman and she's a magical teenage girl. I love them helping each other out while Maura is underground. If you want to write a missing scene set between Dream Thieves and BLLB, I would be so down. Otherwise I'd love to see something post canon, maybe Blue in her globe trotting comes across Mr. Gray on his mission to tame the magical artifact underground.

Ronan & Adam & Opal: UGH THESE THREE MAKE ME CRY, LIKE, ALL THE TIME. I love Adam giving Opal his watch. I love Ronan saving Opal from the acid pool and then Adam saves Ronan and then Opal saves Adam. I want a million stories about Opal growing up with her weird humans who love her. (I hardcore ship Ronan and Adam, so while I'm not looking for a story that's primarily about their relationship I'm also down for as much Adam/Ronan as you want to include). They are all pretty thoroughly traumatized by the end of canon (hell, even at the BEGINNING of canon), so a story that leans toward hurt/comfort or angst or character building would be delightful; but fluffy humorous moments would be great, too!

Ronan & Blue: Okay "platonic male/female friendships" are one of my all time favorite things, in addition to being something of a theme in my sign ups here. I love these two so much and I wish they'd had, like, 30 more scenes together. I love that they don't hit it off right away but pretty quickly they love each other (not that they would admit it). I love Blue wanting to impress Ronan and resenting him for making her feel like that. I love Ronan calling her a badass when she gets stitches and being proud of her when she gets suspended. I love that they really are a lot alike but it takes other people to point that out because they don't notice or won't admit it. The scene where Ronan gives her the dream light is one of my absolute favorites in the entire series. Literally anything with these two hanging out would make me super happy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Rosa Diaz & Ray Holt
Rosa Diaz/Gina Linetti

Anything that reads like the show would be great here! I love the sense of humor that this show has: it so often comes from a place of love and kindness, with things turning out well and people having good intentions. (I can't stand humiliation humor, so please avoid that.) I love all of the characters, but Rosa is my favorite: how tough and secretive she is, how she begrudgingly loves the rest of the Nine-Nine, how she has all these weird facets to her, like she makes jewelry and loves Nancy Meyers movies. Maybe something with Rosa working a case and needing help from either Captain Holt or Gina? Or having a day off where she unexpectedly encounters one of them.

Rosa & Holt: I love this friendship SO MUCH. I love that Holt, who sometimes gets phased by the Nine Nine or intentionally keeps them at a distance, just GETS Rosa. It cracks me up that they bond over not wanting to bond (I love the "no one needs to know you have sisters!" bit). But, I also find their friendship really deep and meaningful. Without going into too many details, the episode where Holt helps Rosa break up with Marcus hit me in every last feel I had and some I didn't even know I had. Plus it was funny. So, anything where these two get to do their stoic understanding thing would be awesome! Or, just put them in a situation that they'd hate and they have to help each other get through it. Maybe Charles and Amy force them to make scrapbooks? Gina recruits them for a dance-athon?

Rosa/Gina: You can go gen or fem-slashy, here, and I'm not looking for anything explicit. Both of these characters are so awesome and they are so COMPLETELY different from each other and I adore that. I love Gina for being ultra confident and scheming and self-absorbed but always eventually doing the right thing, and I love Rosa for being tough and bad at feelings and self-absorbed in her own way. I'd really love to see anything where they have to interact. Maybe Gina has to help Rosa for a case -- does Rosa have to make a fake social media or online dating profile and Gina has to do it for her? Do they go undercover somewhere? Or maybe they're hanging out off the job, which they both insist totally sucks and yet they keep coming up with reasons to keep hanging out instead of leaving?

Britta Perry & None
Shirley Bennett & Jeff Winger

This show is a big time favorite of mine. I love the intricate jokes, the pop culture references, the unflinching weirdness, the heartfelt character moments in the midst of the absurdity. I love fics that are set kind of roughly season 2-3, but it would be interesting to see you tackle a later season or post-canon fic, too. General Greendale weirdness would be greatly appreciated -- fics that add fun details about the school or make up new classes or clubs in line with the show are a favorite of mine!

Britta Perry & None: Okay, it cracks me up that the way of requesting a character-specific rather than relationship specific thing is to say "& None," it looks so foreboding. YOU CAN INCLUDE OTHER CHARACTERS I SWEAR, I love all of the characters in the show. But, I'd really like a Britta-centric story, something that showcases her more complex attributes. I do really relate to her insecurities and setbacks, BUT I'd also like to see her get to show off skills that she has and accomplish something (even if it's a small comedic victory).

Shirley & Jeff: This friendship is so wonderful! Every episode that focuses on these two is so great, and there aren't enough of them. I do like that they have more in common than they think, they're close in age (as Shirley is always pointing out) and they love gossiping and judging people and they both justify like mad to avoid confronting the fact that they might be wrong. I think it could be really fun to put them in a situation where their expectations are challenged -- maybe Jeff ends up being the top of the class in Home Ec or Shirley beats Jeff at pool? Anything where they butt heads but stay friends -- especially if they team up to take someone else down.

Jack Carter & Jo Lupo

Jack and Jo are one of my all time brotps! I love how they get each other, how they support each other, how they both have similar "wtf tho" reactions to all of Eureka's weirdness. (I try to forget that the bullshit season 5 AI-matchmaking-Allison-and-Zane-are-jealous thing ever happened.) A fic where they have to corral scientists or avert the scientific disaster du jour would be great, but also I'd love to see more of them hanging out in a quiet moment -- maybe they go hiking or watch a sporting event or Jo has to talk Jack down from freaking out about Zoe's latest exploit.

Eureka's a bit of an older fandom for me but I got a huge wave of nostalgia when I saw it in the tag set. At this point I'm more familiar with the season 4/5 timeline than the earlier one, though really whichever you want to write I'm cool with. I like Jo/Zane fine as a ship but I'm pretty meh about, like, all of Jack's ships, so really just something that focuses on the platonic friendship would be excellent for me! FAVE SCENES are when Jack takes Jo in when her house (repeatedly) gets destroyed, and nurses her through her broken heart by watching her reality tv shows and pretending he likes them. So, fun domestic scenes would be great. Or them tackling a science disaster, or braving some weird Eureka social scene (you just know that speed dating or karaoke nights in Eureka are waaaay more terrifying than nuclear disasters).

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Benjamin Sisko & Jake Sisko
Jadzia Dax & Benjamin Sisko

This is one of my forever shows, so anything here would make me happy. Dramatic war scenes, happy domestic fluff, humorous antics, angsty post-episode debriefs, ANYTHING. I am particularly into plots involving Cardassians, the Jem'Hadar, the war, Jake being a writer, Sisko grappling with being the Emissary, and general Trill weirdness.

Ben & Jake: Give me more wonderful, healthy parent-child dynamics! I love that Jake respects his dad but doesn't want to follow in his footsteps, and I love that Ben doesn't take that personally and instead encourages and supports Jake in his passion for writing. I have SO MANY FEELINGS about The Visitor and What You Leave Behind. If you want to do a big dramatic/sad family story post-canon I'm down for that. But I'd also love missing scenes from during the series run. Maybe where they engage in a Sisko family past-time like cooking or baseball? Or maybe Ben tries to get into some of Jake's interests like poetry or dom-jat (I'm torn between whether Jake would be embarrassed or whether Ben would end up being just as much of a hustler as Jake is).

Jadzia & Ben: Dax-Sisko friendships are just INHERENTLY interesting to me, how the persistence of memories across the different hosts does or doesn't change the relationship. If you want to explore that, or explore Trill-ness, that would be SO COOL. If not, I'd also just love anything with Jadzia and Ben hanging out! I love that Jadzia is fun and spontaneous and cool while still being a big science nerd & upstanding Starfleet citizen, and I love how she brings out the mischievous side of Ben. I love stories about Curzon but I also love Jadzia as her own person who is, frankly, cooler than Curzon. Something fun or goofy would be nice, maybe vacation shenanigans? Or, something more serious, where they have to handle some kind of trouble on station or an away mission. Really anything would be great!

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Tasha Yar & None

I want you to give me more Tasha Yar and I don't care how you achieve it -- fix it fic, missing scene, fic from the timeline where she goes back to the Enterprise C, canon divergence AU where she doesn't die, totally canon un-reliant AU (Tasha Yar as space pirate! Tasha Yar as 21st century detective! Tasha Yar as medieval knight!). I want a Tasha-centric fic, which is why I selected the "Tasha & none" option, but I love all the TNG crew and especially love Tasha as bros with Riker or Worf, or shipped with Data or Deanna, so you can include any characters you like.

AH okay I love Tasha Yar and want more of her. I'd be happy with other characters or even an ensemble but primarily Tasha-focused. If you felt like tackling it, I'm interested in a story that deals with Tasha and her sister Ishara, or Tasha and Sela -- how does Tasha feel about family after her own childhood? A sci-fi type story would be great -- time travel, holodeck adventures, robots, clones, anything that would be like an episode of the show! -- but I'm also down for quiet moments on the ship, like, poker nights, as well as shore leave or missions on Earth. Really if it's got Tasha being her badass-on-the-outside, confused-but-trying-her-best on the inside, I'll love it :D


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