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Title: Rama Llama Llama
Fandom: Emperor's New Groove
Music: We Go Together, from the Grease Motion Picture Soundtrack
Summary: Yzma and Kronk. By all accounts, it doesn't make sense.
Vidder's Note: Made for kaydeefalls for Festivids 2014.

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Title: Wendy Battles the Pink Robots
Fandom: The Middleman
Music: The Flaming Lips
Summary: Yo, Wendy Watson, we wrote you a love song.
Vidder's Note: made for Aris Merquoni for festivids 2013.

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So it turns out that naming every video segment I clip from Warehouse 13 as "mrs f is such a bamf omfg i love her so much aaaaah" is, while accurate, not tremendously helpful when it comes to being able to locate specific clips that I need.

Speaking of how incredibly bamf Mrs. F is and how much we love her for it, did I ever rec my xover_exchange gift fic here? I want it on record that Of Secret Service and Superheroes is darling and has brilliant character moments and features Mrs F and Nick Fury facing off and really, what else does anyone want out of life.
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Newest celebrity sighting at work: Mark Wahlberg! Which, huh, I would not have ever predicted how excited that would make me. I am not particularly a fan of his. I cannot reliably spell his last name. I also never thought he was super attractive before today. But. He has a nice face.

When did LJ change their update form? I always crosspost from DW (despite barely using DW) so I hadn't noticed. I'm sure everyone has already complained about it and moved on with their lives, but it is terrible. We should all stop and really appreciate the terribleness. And the character limit on LJ is ridiculous. I had to make 6 posts on LJ for a story that was 3 posts on DW. And the AO3's post-by-chapter also leaves something to be desired. Maybe the world just doesn't want me to write long stories. That must be it.
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Title: The Year of the Rapture
Fandom: Leverage
Characters/Pairings: Eliot and Parker centric, gen
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language
Word Count: ~48,000
Summary: When half the world's population suddenly develops superpowers, civilization as we know it collapses. Eliot just wants to keep Parker alive, but the apocalypse is one damn thing after another.
Author's Note: written for apocalypsebang; inspired by a prompt from apocalyptothon 2011. Characterization and a few minor plot points set this as being circa the second season of the show, but canon compliance is largely rendered moot by the part where the world ends and people have superpowers.
Artwork by the amazing [ profile] firefly1344 can be found here.

The Year of the Rapture, Part 1 )
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Year of the Rapture, Part 2 )
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Year of the Rapture, Part 3 )
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That awkward moment when you get your assignment for an exchange

and you immediately recognize the name of your giftee because you're both in [fandom]

and you see their request for [fandom] and think, "shit, why did I offer to write [character]? I can't write [character]!"

and you panic for like a solid minute

and then you read the rest of the email

and that wasn't the fandom you matched on

because duh, you didn't offer [character]

and also you didn't even offer [fandom]

and you match on a super awesome fandom that you're super excited about, which is awesome, but also now you're just distracted

really you are fully awake and caffeinated, Shine, what is wrong with you today.
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Dear writer,

Hullo, thanks for offering to write one of my lovely little fandoms! Clearly you have great taste in tv shows and/or books, so I'm sure you will write a wonderful story. Hopefully my prompts were helpful but in case you want some further inspiration or what not here's some more info.

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Christoph Waltz, you know I love you to truly inappropriate levels

but if you cost me my Oscar poll at work

I will be angry

(Though it will probably also be Ang Lee's fault)

(I was SO SURE it would be Steven Spielberg)

(Man, Lincoln, you kind of failed me tonight)


(Also Brave, what was that about)

(I was sure the House of Pixar was on the decline)

(Wreck-It Ralph was amazing)

(Have I told you guys my awkward story about watching Wreck-It Ralph)

(It was super awkward)
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For the purposes of discussion, can anyone help me think of examples of women getting fridged (ie, killed off for the purposes of making someone else feel ~*~SAD~*~, or any other stupid reason) in television or movies? For example, "any Chris Nolan movie ever (seriously we love you C-Nol but you're creeping us out a little)"

Obviously one person's justified emotional death scene is another person's cheap exploitative thrill, but let's just see what we've got here.

Better known examples/women who were fairly prominent in said show/movie would be ideal, but I'm just collecting women at this point (taking them out of the fridge to put into a binder, as no one ever would say) so any that come to mind.
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Christoph Waltz

It is not very nice of you to go confusing poor asexual girls like that


You need to stop talking

Seriously that voice is dangerous, be careful with it

(Don't stop talking. Ever.)


I saw Django Unchained last night, decided I have not been taking enough advantage of my free movie perks (and I have now seen 6/9 of the best picture oscar noms, might try to catch them all? I just cannot get excited about sitting in a theater for three hours watching French people get their teeth pulled out, sorry, I'm ~*~weird~*~ like that). I really liked it! Though I had a similar problem with it as I have with TNG, which is to say, there was one character I liked so, so much that it would distract me from other things that were happening, even when I also thought those things were awesome. Really all the acting was wonderful, the bag scene was everything I love about that kind of comedy, and man, Quentin Tarantino can write some good dialogue.

Also is it just me, or does Quentin Tarantino look like Rodney McKay?
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I swear I have seen more celebrities in the three months I've been at the movie theater than in the four and a half preceding years of LA life.

Today I served both April Bowlby and Paris Hilton.

Guess which one I had to have my coworkers identify for me.

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Oh hey I wrote a thing. For [ profile] xover_exchange, which has now been a producer of awesome written things for four years now.

Title: How I Met Your Archenemy
Fandom: How I Met Your Mother/Avengers
Characters/Pairings: gen; Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin, Barney; Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Tony, Loki
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: ~6000
Summary: When the Avengers Initiative goes down in history, this is the part of the story they're going to leave out.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] virtual_toast for [ profile] xover_exchange

Read it at livejournal or at the AO3.
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Title: Freakin Friends
Fandom: Daria
Music: Mystik Spiral
Summary: This one's for Daria and Jane.
Vidder's Note: made for [personal profile] mithborien for festivids 2012.

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You know that moment when you're poking around the AO3 and you find a fic with some completely PREPOSTEROUS set of tags and you think to yourself, "A Narnia/Supernatural/Revenge/Avengers/American Gods crossover? I love crossovers as much as the next girl, but come on, isn't that out of control?" but then you decide you're intrigued and you read it and it turns out to be a collection of different ficlets, instead of a massive insane crossover?

Yeah so anyway now I'm obsessed with Revenge. Because I needed something to make me less productive!

I don't know if anyone is watching but no season 2 spoilers, please. And if anyone has seen Revenge and wants to watch an awesome fanvid set to Blow, by Ke$ha, boy are you in luck.

That's from last year's festivids; this year's festivids have gone live but I haven't done so much watching yet. Recs to come later, I suppose? Unless, you know, I actually buckle down on writing and job applications! (Unlikely).
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Signed up for [ profile] trope-bingo! Honestly, I look at the "amnesia" square and all I can think is "does anyone here NOT have amnesia?" Which would probably be a fabulous title for a fic if I can think of a fandom, characters, and a plot to go with it. AU: Apocalypse is the sort of thing I'd do on my own anyway. AU: band might be a good excuse to trot out an old Psych plot bunny...the more sexy fun times ones like huddling for warmth, sharing a bed, and sex pollen, well, those would probably require some trope subversion. But that's half the fun.

bingo card! )


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